Zack Kittaka

            I look to utilize my skills as a graphic designer as well as a photographer to create clean, sharp designs.  I look to use my background as a photographer to shoot images for projects rather than utilize stock photography.  I aim to be straight ­–forward and to have concepts to back all my design choices.

              I am always looking at designs around me, whether it’s on the Internet or just browsing through magazines that catch my eye. I love seeing projects go from start to finish because I find it so interesting how input from others can really morph starting ideas into something fantastic.

            I tend to base the content of my work off of what is given for the project or if its personal work what is happening in my life. I love to design with a core concept behind them, so that the designs them selves are that much more powerful. When utilizing photography I strive to make everything correct in camera rather than utilize photo manipulation.

Have any questions? Leave a message or shoot me an email. I would love to meet and collaborate with you.

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